Guest Satisfaction

Guest Satisfaction

Benefits of Quick Request

  • Receive Great Feedback Scores
  • Solve Guest Problems Before They Leave
  • Improve Communications with your Guests
  • Increase Hotel Sales


Quick Request allows your guests to have a personal remote to all the services of your hotel on their smartphone. They can quickly communicate any need and get information customized to their room or around the hotel.


Guest Feedback

Hotel guests can request services, amenities or send in oders from their custom room app. They can also leave feedback, make new reservations and report any problems all before they leave.


Guest Satisfaction

Guests can leave satisfied having any issues taken care of promptly or knowing that their needs are important. The right employees are notified of guest requests within 3 seconds and can respond promptly.



Guests don’t need to download, install or re-download hotel apps. Guests don’t even need to identify their room number. Even more, guests without smartphones can take advantage of this quick service as well.