Employee Performance

Increase Employee Productivity

Benefits of Quick Request

  • Automatic Reports Sent to Management
  • Increase Employee Accountability
  • Schedule Tasks
  • Track Inventory and Work Orders


Quick Request can supplement or replace many aspects of your current hotel software. Employees can use the same QR Codes as guests use in each hotel room or area to perform and report their regular tasks.


Route Tracking

Housekeepers can recieve cleaning routes automatically to their devices. Routes can be updated in real time. Administration can review times spent at each location and time intervals in between locations.


Employee Productivity

Employees can report problems, create work orders, complete inspections or cleaning checklists as well as manage inventory. Managers can view the status and details of how the hotel is running with administrative dashboards and reports.



Users don’t need to download, install or re-download apps. They don’t even need to identify name, date or time. Even more, reports can be received, reviewed and edited all on your mobile device while tracking all the data automatically for later viewing. Customize it to your preference and see how it can improve your hotel or location.