Benefits & Case Studies

Case Studies


  • Win More Contracts
  • Increase Employee Accountability
  • Improve Communications with your Clients
  • Reduce paperwork

Save Time & Work Efficiently

Quick Request streamlines customer service and eliminates manual logging of requests. The right information gets to the right person immediately, eliminating lag time in between. And because it records response time, it also improves productivity.


Boost Customer Satisfaction and Retention

Because customers can easily report problems and request services and receive such a quick response, they feel that your service goes above and beyond your competitors. Such a consistent level of high service keeps customers happy and loyal.


Increase Revenue

Quick Request provides your business with the tools to maximize your bottom line, not only through customer retention, but also through positive reviews and referrals that lead to new sales. The instant feedback it provides also allows you to know exactly the ways in which to improve your business to maximize profits.



Users don’t need to download, install or re-download apps. They don’t even need to identify name, date or time. Even more, reports can be received, reviewed and edited all on your mobile device while tracking all the data automatically for later viewing. Customize it to your preference and see how it can improve your business.