Quick Request Healthcare Software

Benefits of Quick Request

  • Easily Track Requests and Services
  • Increase Employee Accoutability
  • Improve Communications with your Patients
  • Expedite Service Response Time


Healthcare Companies can now use Quick Request to better manage inventory, patient needs, tracking and reporting of employees, equipment and more. If you want to boost productivity and save money then take advantage of this quick communication tool.


Streamlined Communication

QR Codes can be placed directly in patient rooms, beds, or common areas eliminating the need to enter data into every report. When scanned a custom mobile app will appear specific to that specific location.



Consolidate all your inventory into a single QR Code for the entire location. Conduct an inventory with one scan and the system will automatically place the order to bring everything back up to the par levels.



Users don’t need to download, install or re-download apps. They don’t even need to identify name, date or time. Even more, reports can be received, reviewed and edited all on your mobile device while tracking all the data automatically for later viewing. Customize it to your preference and see how it can improve your business.