Employee Performance

Improve Employee Accountability

Benefits of Quick Request

  • Automatic Tracking Information
  • Increase Employee Accoutability
  • Improve Communications
  • Reduce paperwork


With Quick Request you are able to quickly track and report work statuses of your employee workforce with a simple scan. Know where they were, how long they were there and what they did.


Dispatching Employees

Quick Request will automatically dispatch an employee to take care of an issue or to fill a request within 3 seconds. They system then tracks how long the employee takes to close the issue.

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Task Timing

If your employees are taking too long to do a job or going to fast and sacrificing quality, you now have the data needed to train them better.


Employee Checkin

Employees check in and out of each location by scanning a QR code. The system then knows to route all messages from clients or other staff to this individual while they are on duty.