Route Tracking

Know the Status of Every Room Cleaned

Benefits of Quick Request

  • Win More Contracts
  • Increase Employee Accoutability
  • Improve Communications with your Clients
  • Reduce paperwork


A dashboard of all employees is visible by management and they can quickly see what room each employee is currently working in, how long they spent in each room previously as well as how long they took between each room and or location.


Room Timing Status

The dashboard background for each room will change color depending on how long the employee took to clean the room or if they are currently in the room. If they exceeded the time set by management based on a tolerance that management sets then the room background will turn red for too slow. If they are within the tolerances it will turn green for on time. If they clean it too fast it will turn yellow.


Cleaning Compliance

Once a person is assigned to a route the system will alert them which room to clean next. This helps eliminate missed rooms as routes change for different days of the week. It will also alert management if an employee misses any room or location on a route. The employee only has to check in when they start and check out when they finish.


Auto Learn Mode

Quick Request employs 3 different ways to set the time it takes to clean a room. By default the system will automatically learn how long it takes to clean a room and eliminates any outliers that go too fast or too slow. The other two methods for calculating time are manually set and measurable activities.