Customer Issue Reporting

Easy Issue Reporting for Customers

Benefits of Quick Request

  • Win More Contracts
  • Increase Employee Accoutability
  • Improve Communications with your Clients
  • Reduce paperwork


Guests, clients and employees alike can scan QR codes to report issues, give status updates, disclose needs or communicate other information quickly and efficiently.


Toggle Options

Instead of typing out a long explanation of what is the problem, Quick Request automatically lists all the things that could be an issue with a location and your client only has to hit the toggle and hit send.


Automatic Dispatching

When someone reports an issue the message is sent in 3 seconds to the person on duty responsible for that location and issue. That employee can then come solve the problem and close the issue right from their phone.



Users don’t need to download, install or re-download apps. They don’t even need to identify name, date or time. Even more, reports can be received, reviewed and edited all on your mobile device while tracking all the data automatically for later viewing. Customize it to your preference and see how it can improve your business.