Customer Satisfaction

Actionable Customer Feedback

Benefits of Quick Request

  • Win More Contracts
  • Increase Employee Accoutability
  • Improve Communications with your Clients
  • Reduce paperwork


Get immediate feedback from guests, customers and users by using Quick Request to host surveys. Customize questions, ratings and comments within your Quick Request mobile app to allow for ease of access and simplicity of design for your surveys.


Issue Reporting

Complaints can be sent to your staff while your guests are still on location. That way you can respond to their needs before they leave, increasing their satisfaction. None of these survey results are published to the public at large. Only your staff sees them to improve performance.


Short Surveys

Allowing your clients to scan the code in any room or building and complete a quick survey in 20 seconds gives you another way of measuring how satisfied your clients are with your service. You can also build your own single select multiple-choice questions to acquire more specific information from your customers.


Track Trends

Dashboards and reports help you see trends in customer satisfaction.